Homemade pasta classes in Florence with chef Simone Del Cima

Homemade pasta is an ancient art that has been passed down for generations. It is a way to rediscover the authentic flavors of Italian cuisine and to express your creativity.

If you are passionate about cooking and want to learn how to make homemade pasta like a real chef, Simone Del Cima’s classes are for you.

Simone is a Florentine chef with over 20 years of experience in Italian cuisine. He specializes in making homemade pasta, and his classes are a unique opportunity to learn the secrets of this traditional dish.

The classes take place in a small workshop in Florence, where Simone will guide you step by step in the preparation of different recipes for homemade pasta. You will learn to choose the right ingredients, to knead the dough, to shape it, and to cook it.

At the end of the class, you will be able to take home the pasta you have prepared, so you can enjoy it with your friends and family.

Simone Del Cima’s homemade pasta classes are suitable for everyone, both beginners and more experienced cooking enthusiasts.

If you are a tourist visiting Florence and want to learn how to make homemade pasta like a real Florentine, Simone Del Cima’s classes are an experience you cannot miss.